Super Pack (Free Mask, Eraser and Delivery )

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This is a special package consist of Super Pencils Pack, a Super Pen, a Super Earthy MultiColor Pencil, a Super Seed Pen (Mint Seeds), a Super Seed Pencil with FREE MASK and Cute Animal Erasers.


  • Super Pencils are high quality special lead pencils that do not require any sharpening and there is no lead breakage. The mechanism of the pencils has been designed with attention given to minute details and thus is very user friendly. These pencils, unlike clutch pencils, do not require any pressing for the lead to move further, instead work smoothly without any hassle.
  • Super Pens are one of a kind pens using friction erasing technology that has never been used in Pakistan before. These are special gel ink pens that possess the quality of removing the ink with an eraser attached to the back of the pen. Super pens come in black and blue inks and are a savior for all students.
  • Super Earthly Color Pencils are special color pencils breaking all traditional color pencil trends. These are four in one colored pencils including colors Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. All colors can be used at one and separately and will work magic on your next masterpiece. Super Earthly Color Pencils have been designed while keeping all environmental hazards in mind and are thus, made from recycled paper.
  • Super Seed Pencils are premium quality pencils with a capsule at the end with Tomato Seeds in it.
  • Super Seed Pens are premium quality pens available in blue/black colour made up of paper with mint seed in the capsule at the end.


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